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Sialkot Boot Manufacture : Civil War Boot & Uniform / WW1 & WWII Uniform and Boot / Medieval War Shoes RABITA ENTERPRISES American Civil War Items ,Hand Made Civil War Boot & World War Boots , Civil War Uniform Accessories We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are the actual manufacturers and exporters of our merchandise which is made with only the finest quality of material and excellent workmanship. Our prices are very reasonable and we offer the FASTEST DELIVERY. We understand that customers in your country expect superb quality, and so we ensure the best with a 100% GUARANTEE for each and every piece we make. RABITA ENTERPRISES is a very prominent firm in this business because we produce only quality items. QUALITY IS OUR MOTTO. Please order with full confidence. We welcome you to place a trial order and become a permanent customer when you see our merchandise. Following is the detail of our products . Embroidery Work & Caps. Hand embroidery badges, emblems, crests, insignias, flags, etc. Gold & silver wire & bullion shoulder boards of any rank. Kepis & caps with buttons union kepi, union forage cap, glengarry, Leather Leather Items Leather infantry cartridge box with tin draws Leather carbine cartridge box Leather pistol cartridge box Leather pistol holster Leather percussion cap pouch, shield front Leather regulation percussion cap pouch Leather cartridge box sling belt 72 to 76" Leather cavalry carbine sling belt with brass tip and buckle for swivel hook Leather waist belt with brass end 48" Leather Confederate sabre/sword belts (Ref. No. 414) Best Quality Officer sword Belt with fitted heart shape uniform Snake belt buckle brown leather(Ref. No. 621) Civil War Officers Sword Belt (Ref. No. 417) British officer Sam brown belt Leather 'banana shaped spur straps. Leather spur straps, straight style. Leather sword knot Leather scabbards with brass fittings of various designs. Black leather "Frog for British socket Bayonet(Ref.No.441) Leather gauntlets short cuff natural or buff color Leather gauntlets plain cuff natural or buff color Leather gauntlets stitched pattern natural or buff color Brass Items Thin brass cross cannon,eagle cross sabre, bugle insignia & Irish harp Brass numbers 0 to 9 Brass letter A to L Brass buttons all kinds Brass sword belt swivel (Ref. No.132) Brass solid cast flagstaff spear tip (Ref. No.134 US with three pin hooks on back US with clips on back C.S.A. with three pin hooks on back CS & US plate buckle in oval shape CS & US moulding buckle in oval shape CS buckles with star in oval shape Eagle belt buckle with white wreath Snake buckle with two clips (with two designs) Brass shoulder scales, Triangle & Spiral hooks, Spurs Spurs Enlisted Copper & Brass Bugle large Brass Bugles small etc. Stainless Steel & Tin Items Stainless canteens plain covered with belt Stainless canteen bull eyes SS cup small SS cup medium SS coffee Pot SS razer cavalry carbine SS Shivel Hooks SS Eating Utensil sets Non-Magnetic) Tin cup Large 4" x 4" Tin cup Small Tin shaving mug Tin CS drum canteens with leather belt Tin coffee pot Tin plates double folded layer with triangle hook Tin cup 4 x 4" (Large) double folded layer Tin cup 2 1/2 x 4 (small) double folded layer Tin plates in three pieces Eating Utensil Set (Magnetic) SS Eating Utensil Set Replica Combo cutlery set and combination knife, fork and spoon set) Small Copper cups Medium Copper cups Uniform Sword Knots Gold etc (Any type and color) Worsted & Artificial wool Hat Cords bugle cords, pipe cords, chin cords etc lanyard, etc whistle cords, Gold or Silver Epaulette. Gold or Silver Eugeleutte. Blazer Sack Coat etc. Waist Coat Shell Jacket Shell jacket with Strings(Dori) Frock Coat FrockCoat with strings (Dori) Great Coat Blazer Trouser etc Muslin Cotton Shirt Suspenders with leather ends (Canvas, Zean) Ponchos Canvass in natural color and black ` Canvas Black and White leg gaiters with black leather straps Mess Kettles Set of 3 Pcs. Black and White tarred Haversack Knapsack Spare waterbottel chain and stopper (Ref No 484) Collapsible steel and brass pocket sized musket (Ref No 279Pullthriugh) Horse Bits Saddles and Saddle Bags Wooden Combs SS Flask Please write the name of the items of the goods that you may want samples. We shall wait for your an early favourable reply. Website http://www.facebook.com/RABITAENTERPRISES E-mail Address: rabitaeen@gmail.com rabitaen@gmail.com Whatapp # +923006100779 Postal Address: M/s. Rabita Enterprises H/No. 24/199 Mohalla Dharowal, Sialkot-1, Pakistan An early favourable reply with some trial order will be highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation for yours cooperation in near future. Yours sincerely, Rabita Enterprises Tajammal Rashid Prop.


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